Dr. Shilpa Paygude

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About Shilpa Paygude

Seasoned professional with more than twenty eight years of total experience, including twenty six years of Graduate and Post graduate Level Teaching Experience.

  • Currently working as Head of School, FY BTech at MIT WPU, Pune
  • Worked as Head of Computer Engineering Department
  • Worked as SY BTech (all Schools) Coordinator


PhD (E&TC)

From COEP, Pune University

Thesis: Dynamic Texture Segmentation and Recognition System using Enhanced Spatiotemporal Techniques

M.E. (E&TC)

From COEP, Pune University

Dissertation Topic: Human Face Recognition, an application of Image Processing

B.E. (E&TC)

From COEP, Pune University


From Pune Board. Merit List Rank Holder for both SSC, HSC


Dynamic Texture Segmentation Approaches for Natural and Manmade cases: Survey and Experimentation

Shilpa Paygude, Vibha Vyas. Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering. Springer Publishers

Velocity and Orientation Detection of Dynamic Textures Using Integrated Algorithm

Shilpa Paygude, Vibha Vyas, Chinmay Khadilkar. International Journal on Image, Graphics and Signal Processing, 2018, Vol.12, pp.39-46

Unified Dynamic Texture Segmentation system based on Local & Global Spatiotemporal Techniques

Shilpa Paygude, Vibha Vyas. International Journal of Reasoning based Intelligent Systems (IJRIS) Inderscience Publishers, May 2018

Traffic Video Surveillance using Contourlet Transform

Shilpa Paygude, Vibha Vyas, M. S. Sutaone., Archana Boharpi. International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering and Technology ICETET Nov. 2015, Kobe, Japan, published in IEEE Xplore in March 2016. pp.113-116

Dynamic Texture Segmentation Using Texture Descriptors and Optical Flow Techniques

Shilpa Paygude, Vibha Vyas , Pratik Soygaonkar. Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2015 ,Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Frontiers of Intelligent Computing Theory and Applications (FICTA) 2014 Vol. 2, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, pp.281-288

Vehicle Detection and Tracking using Optical flow and Background Subtraction Technique

Shilpa Paygude, Vibha Vyas, Manisha Chaple. International Conference on advances in Computer Science and Application CSA ,ELSEVEIR June 2013 pp.741-747

Awards & Achievements

MIT Foundation Day Award

Awarded in 2014 for Engineering Faculty

This is awarded to one person per Institute of MIT group